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Information Technology


Let us support you with our deep roots and experience in IT. 


IT is a rapidly changing landscape. 

Beyond career opportunities we can offer in "traditional" areas of IT such as Infrastructure, Security, and ERP, we are also working with a range of companies offering new technologies like Blockchain / Cryptocurrency, SaaS, Data Analytics, etc.



New Technologies


・AI / Data / Machine Learning Engineer

・Robotics Engineer

・Blockchain Engineer

・Cryptocurreny Engineer

・Satellite Development

・Drone Engineer

・Autonomous Driving

・Edge Computing




Web, Mobile & Gaming


・iOS / Android Engineer

・Fullstack Engineer
・Web Application Engineer (Frontend, Backend) 
・Game Programmer
・Game Artists (2D, 3D, etc.)
・Game Producers / Directors
・Site Reliability Engineer (SDR)
・UI / UX Designer

・QA / Testing Engineer



Traditional IT


・Sales (Enterprise, SMB, Inside / SDR

・Customer Success


・Solution Architect

・Post Sales / Support

・Project Manager

・Service Delivery Manager

・Network / Server Security / Cloud / Voice / Data Center Engineer

Success Stories


Candidate A(28 years・female)
Before:Travel Company - Customer Success
After: AI Company - Account Executive

The travel industry was strongly set back due to the pandemic. Looking for a growing industry, the candidate was able to join an AI company and salary increased from 6.6M JPY to 9M.


Candidate B(25 years・male)

Before:Outsourced to an American data related company by an SIer
After: Cryptocurrency Company - Data Scientist
The candidate felt his achievements were not valued as an outsourced employee. With his new employer, a leader in the Bitcoin space, the candidate became a key player in the data science team. 

Abstract Background

Digital Marketing


Empower your clients by leveraging digital marketing


What experience would you like to create for you clients using digital marketing? What future would you like to realize?
While utilizing your existing skills, you can challenge new products and services, expand your potential, and accelerate change. We can introduce a range of opportunities which suit your preferences and goals.

Touch points with customers both off- and online are becoming more intricate, we see an increase in creative-related jobs where you can cutting-edge marketing skills.


Our Clients


We handle marketing positions for products and services of various manufacturers. We also offer a wide range of jobs in the communication and consulting fields.

・Data Driven Marketing
・Marketing Solution Provider
・Marketing Communication Agencies
・Consumer Goods
・Consulting Firms
・Sports Marketing


Job Positions

・Account Executive
・Marketing Director
・Contents Marketer
・SNS Marketer
・Creative Director
・Art Director / Designer
・Public Relations / PR Planner
・Strategic Planner
・Media Planner
・Data Analyst
・Sales Consultant

Success stories


Candidate A(28 years・male)

Before:Domestic Advertising Agency (Account Executive)
After:Global Marketing Company (Account Executive)
The candidate was in charge of a Japanese enterprise client. While being able to build on existing experience, the candidate joined an American startup company, in charge of global clients. Salary increased from 7M JPY to 10M.

Candidate B(55 years・male)

Before:American Big Data provider. 
After:Japanese Data Driven Solution Company (Sales Manager)
Being a sales manager in the retail space, the candidate was looking for an environment where he could work closer with his clients. KLAR introduced a Japanese company which was striving to improve its sales approach. Salary increased from 10M JPY to 12M.

Graphic Spiral


Startup Consulting


Create something from zero at a Startup


If you want to live your life to your own accord, the 21st century is full of opportunities.
Rather than being a small part of an established organization, a startup offers a diverse and cooperative environment where you can take the lead to create something from 0 to 1.
At KLAR, we meet entrepreneurs in person, analyze the potential of the business, and introduce start-up companies which are expected to grow further in the future.

Encounters and experiences that will dramatically change your life begin here.

Our Clients

・Big Data Crowd Funding Company
・Mobile Data Analytics
・AI X Visual Analytics
・Influencer Marketing
・Customer Success Platform
・Fashion X AI Solution


Job Positions

・Account Executive
・Marketing Director
・Contents Marketer
・SNS Marketer
・Creative Director
・Art Director / Designer
・Public Relations / PR Planner
・Media Planner
・Data Analyst
・Sales Consultant


Success Stories

Candidate A(30 years・male)

Before:Digital Marketing Company (Account Executive)
After:American Mobile Application Company (Account Executive)
A newly joined company unexpectedly let the candidate go during the probation period. Being put in an unfortunate position he was actively looking for a position. When one door closes another opens - KLAR was able to introduce an American startup and the candidate's salary increased from 12M JPY to 15M.

Candidate A(28 years・male)

Before:American Startup (Account Executive)
After: Crowd Funding Enterprise (Director)

Looking for a career change from sales to the UI / UX space, the candidate joined a crowd funding company, also gaining a slight salary increase. 

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