About Us



We are a highly diverse team of recruiters and professionals from the industries we recruit for. Diversity creates an energetic and dynamic environment where ideas and perspectives clash and result in a unique approach in the Japanese recruiting market. We feel that our recruiting model is quite the opposite to that of the traditional, huge agencies in Japan.

Our business strategy is simple – add value to our clients by inducing great talent that will help them to achieve their goals and support candidates to realize their dreams.


We are very different from KPI driven agencies. In fact, we consider ourselves to be a consulting company more than a recruitment agency. The CV of a person is just superficial information. We strongly believe that it is absolutely essential to understand people’s dreams, goals and motivation in order to give advice about something as life changing as a job or career change. Our consultants’ insight into our candidates is further deepened by a character assessment based on the Q-sort methodology that a candidate can choose to take.


All consultants at KLAR are freelancers. We believe the traditional relationship between employer and employee is counter-productive to the qualitative consulting service we strife to provide to our clients and candidates. This partnership between KLAR and its consultants creates the freedom necessary to provide true consulting, free from the pressure of KPIs and micromanagement. We are independent business professionals pursuing our dreams.